Journal Magazine no. 04 Year 2

Octomber - December, 2021

Dear Friends,

After a long experience in translating, editing, and publishing, David Paul Vnuck and I, Muguras Maria Vnuck, are happy to inform you that as from January, 2020 we have decided to begin our new literary adventure entitled "International Writers' Journal".

  • Our mission will be to seek out for publication new and existing writers from around the globe and to publish them in a public forum for all readers. We shall also offer literary translation services. We look forward to continued cooperation with our current contributors as well as new faces whom we shall be glad to meet in the future.
  • You can send your texts to the following e-mail address:

Please join us in our new journey through the world of international culture, visual arts, and literature. We shall keep in a permanent contact with you and we shall update you as our project progresses. Thank you and keep writing.

Conditions of submissions / Subscriptions

  • > The targets / themes of "International Writers' Journal"

    - International Writers’ Journalwill always support interractive cultural bridges expressed in fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, theatre, history, philosophy, women's literature, history of arts and music, classic and contemporary literature, journalism, memoires.
    - International Writers’ Journalwill promote the values of the world's civilizations.

  • International Writers’ Journalis a young magazine which, from its first issue in 2020, attracted poets, writers, literary translators, philosophers, historians, University professors, members of clergy, visual artists, art and literary critics, musicians, and readers from all over the world. The countless kudos that we have published in each issue have proven the undeniable value of our publication. And I say our publication because this magazine does not only belong to its Founding Managers, Muguraș Maria Vnuck and David Paul Vnuk, but it also belongs to you. This is the gift that we have been offering you. During these two years of publication we have tried to encourage personal creation, promoting it under its most diversified forms and at highest artistic performances. We are proud to say that International Writers’ Journalhas been from the very beginning the harbinger of the most distinguished and the most talented voices worldwide, illustrating the most uptodate tendencies in literature and arts.

    If you have noticed, up till now we have never asked for anything in the form of financial support. We have always felt your important contributions were your literary submissions.

    Most of you have even expressed your opinion and admiration for our efforts to dare venture in such a great project and supported us financially, even during the difficult, bitter, and harsh conditions of the pandemic which has hit humanity since 2020. It was not an easy thing for us to support the costs of such a magazine. The number of contributors kept increasing as well as our permanent costs of reading fees, layout, printing costs, web site, etc. Our magazine has approximately 270 pages per issue and most of you refer to it as an ‘international anthology’.

    Unfortunately we find ourselves in the position of not being able to fund this effort on our own. As you have noticed pandemic has hit us all, not only in the innumerable and painful loss of our beloved ones, but also at the level of prices which have increased alarmingly.

    For this reason we have decided to charge a US $10.00 fee for each submission per magazine issue from our writers. We have tried to keep this as affordable as possible. DAVID AND I WILL CONTINUE TO FUND THE MAJORITY OF THE COST OF PUBLICATION OURSELVES. We hope this small fee will not discourage our contributors and you will continue with your submissions. God bless you and keep us all safe.

    Money can be sent from USA by check to

    Maria Vnuck,
    12335 South River Road,
    Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522

    or from abroad online by Western Union or by MoneyGram to

    Maria Vnuck,
    United States of America
    or by PayPal to

    - author's photo in JPEG
    - country where he / she resides currently
    - texts will be sent in word attachments
    - no special arrangements of the texts will be needed
    - please write your texts with accents (for French) and diacritics (for Romanian, Turkish etc.)
    - the texts which will not be accepted for publication will not be returned and the magazine will not notify their writers about it
    - authors are asked to make sure that their texts do not come into conflict with any copywrite laws
    - published authors will be responsible for their statements
    - International Writers’ Journaldoes with thenot pay its contributors
    - by submitting your works you give us permission to publish your works. Your submissions must be free from any copyrights or contracts. By submitting your works for publication you agree that your works can legally be published and IWJ will not be held liable for any violations of law or copyright. You also confirm that the works are your original writings and have not been plagiarised or copied from any other source.
    - International Writers’ Journalwill not be held liable for the authors' ideas or statements.

  • - please contact

  • - in order to ensure a wider promotion of the Romanian culture abroad as well as the foreign promotion of cultures, Muguras Maria Vnuck and David Paul Vnuck can provide you with the highest quality translation and editing services for your works.
    -please contact the following e-mail address:



International Writers' Journal, Year 1, No. 1 (JANUARY - MARCH)

International Writers' Journal, Year 1, No. 2 (APRIL - JUNE)

International Writers' Journal, Year 1, No. 3 (JULY - SEPTEMBER)

International Writers' Journal, Year 1, No. 4 (OCTOMBER - DECEMBER)

International Writers' Journal, Year 2, No. 1 (January - March, 2021)

International Writers' Journal, Year 2, No. 2 (April - June, 2021)

International Writers' Journal, Year 2, No. 3 (July - September, 2021)



Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (English and French) she has been for almost 40 years a literary critic, translator, and editor. She has participated in international cultural and literary events organized by her in the United States of America, Canada, France, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Romania.


He is a retired Police Officer from Toledo, Ohio, the United States of America. He has had a lot of artistic hobbies: he is a sculptor, a blacksmith artist, a poet, and a fire arms expert. Together with his wife, Muguras Maria Vnuck, and being a passionate reader, has been translating books into English which have been published all over the world.



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